Hand Dryers or Paper Towels- What’s better?

This bathroom cold war between the usage of hand dryers and paper towels can never come to an end.  It is something that we’ve been figuring out since hand dryers came into existence. At present, few people still stick to the old school paper towels and rest has upgraded their bathrooms with hand dryers’ installation.

Undoubtedly, both the resources are used for similar purpose, what makes the real difference is the quality, usage, reliability & results. It completely depends on your usage & requirements, as both the mediums are still practiced by numerous people.

Let’s figure out the leverages or traits of hand dryers and paper towels. So, that you can make your mind about what to install in your bathroom; a hand dryer or a paper towel container.

Hand Dryers- 

It has become a reliable & effective way to dry your hands within just 30 seconds. For those who do not wish to spare bucks on paper towels on regular basis, hand dryers are no lesser than a boon. It works on electricity & once installed doesn’t ask for anything else than getting connected to an electricity socket.

Here are some notable factors about a hand dryer-

  1. Air changing mode – Countless hand dryer brands have knocked the world of bathroom equipment & one of them is JD MacDonald Autobeam. It is one of the brands that have launched hand dryers with an air changing mode where you can convert the hot air into cold or vice versa.
  1. Low maintenance machine – It consumes very less amount of electricity which ultimately doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The best thing about this equipment is it starts only when you keep your hands under it which smartly controls the electricity consumption.
  1. Eco-friendly – The air released through such machines are harmful neither for the environment nor for your skin.
  1. An upgraded version – It can be called as advancement in the modes of hand drying. It is quick, effective & economical as well.
  1. Promotes cleanliness – Usually users’ litter the used paper towels on the floor or on bathroom slabs, but with hand dryers, it is never the case.

Now, let’s move further & put some light over the leverages of paper towels-

  1. Easy installation – You don’t need an electricity socket or connection to install it, just drill a pin & hand paper towel container on any corner of the bathroom. If not this, you can even keep it on the shelf to avoid any kind of drilling inside your bathroom.
  1. Economical – Paper towels are quite cheap as compared to hand dryers. Apart from this, it is easily available in the market.
  1. Safe – If you’ve naughty kids at home then going for paper towels is always a safe option as it isn’t connected to electricity.

Wrapping up-

Apparently, hand dryers are a better option but just to go hand-in-hand with the latest trend, make sure you don’t neglect your requirements. As, for domestic uses, paper towels is always a convenient & safe option rather than hand dryers. And, when it comes to commercial use go for hand dryers.