4 Most Popular Musicals for a High School Play

Over the years, musicals have invariably been a vital section of many worldwide schools and universities brain-development curriculums, but in diverse forms. Every year, we the teachers’, pupils, and the contemporary dance classes masters do mind-travelling into the past to pick a musical out a list of thousands popular, which has great music, several diverse characters, perfect for staging a group of students for a particular age group, and most importantly, it should have an in-depth wholesome moral.

Here we’ve rounded up top four most popular musicals from around the world, you can consider for the next high school event:

Beauty and the Beast- An Iconic Musical

Music by legendary Alan Menken and lyrics by two veterans Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, Beauty and the Beast is a musical adapted from Walt Disney’s award-winning animated musical fictional movie of the same name. The tale revolves around the beast who in true love with a charming, beautiful young lady, imprisoned by this creature in his castle. The message behind this musical, love is something cannot be bought by money or conquered force but can be won only by true emotions.

Into the Woods- Be Careful What You Wish For

Think twice before making any wish, seems to the message conveyed by this Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s Brothers Grimm’s inspired musical. The story centres on a baker and his spouse and her wish for a child, Cinderella, she wishes to be a part of king’s festival, and Jack, the flock wished his cow could give more milk.

One day a neighbouring witch visits the couple’s house and tells she has spelled a curse on them, and to reverse it they have to go into the woods. Then, they embark on a journey where there is a little red, who wants to pay a visit to her grandma the wolf who enjoys tasty feminines for dinner, Rapunzel, Witch’s daughter, and princesses seeking their loves.

Bye Bye Birdie-The High School Love

It is musical based on a universal musical composed by Michael Stewart, and lyrics by renowned Lee Adams, and music by eminent Charles Strouse. This tale is a story of Conrad Birdie, a rock and roll superstar of the 60”s, and songwriter and inspiring chemist, who is on a mission to leverage Conrad attend the Ed Sullivan show and kiss a high school girl so he could marry his love, Rosie. Albert’s mum, on the other hand, has different plans; she is ready to go all out in restraining his son form marrying Rosie.

Grease-Demonstrating the Life of Teens

A musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, Grease is set in a fictional Rydell High School in 1959. This musical follows the lives of ten working-class teens as they confront the common problems of peer pressure, personal core values, love, and politics.

These four are just a handful of all-time eminent musicals, there are much more like The Wi1zard of Oz, Little Shop of Horrors, Guys, and Dolls, etc. In conclusion, musical theatre dance classes are a must, if you want your group to perform a replica of any of these.